Mission,History,and Overview

Who we are

Weichuang optics(Full name: Sihong Weichuang optics Co., Ltd.) ,which is a manufacturer of fiber optical cable and fiber connector,located in Jiangsu,China. Since its establishment in 2014, it has adopted the optical fiber and cable production process conforming to ISO 9001:2015 international standards and so on to ensure product quality and stability. Modern plant and equipment for the enterprise to provide superior production environment and conditions. At the same time, a sound corporate management system helps standardize operational processes,improve efficiency, and achieve sustainable development.

Our Value

Company Culture

1. Quality policy:

Based on product quality and aiming at meeting customers' needs, continuous improvement.

2. Spirit of enterprise:

The enterprise is people-oriented, and the staff is proud of the factory.

3. Corporate vision:

Create a high-speed, stable, reliable and safe communication network.To provide everyone, including shareholders, customers, employees, and even business partners, with the opportunity to create and realize their dreams.

4. Enterprise values:

Efficiency makes the brand, and honesty makes the future.

5. Business philosophy:

Benefit sharing, division of labor and cooperation to achieve win-win and common development! Adhere to the market orientation and take economic benefits as the center.

6. Core values:

Entrepreneurial innovation, we pursue innovations that are critical to both our customers and our company, while driving them to fruition quickly and efficiently.

7. Corporate mission:

Diversity and Win-Win, we advocate mutual understanding, value diversity, and take a global view of our business and culture.

8. Our aim :

Based on product quality, meeting customer needs at the first time and continuous improvement .

Weichuang Optics: Create a high-speed, stable, and reliable secure communication network.