Weichuang attended NETCOM 2023 Brazil Communications Exhibition

Name (Chinese): 2023 Brazilian Communications Exhibition NETCOM

Name (English): NETCOM

Exhibition date: August 00, 2023-August 00, 2023

Exhibition location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Organizer: Brazil ARANDA

Organization: Beijing Zhongling International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Industry attributes: Information Communication Computer Technology

Exhibition introduction

The Brazilian International Communications Exhibition (Netcom) is the most professional communications exhibition in Central and South America. It has been successfully held for 7 times (one every two years). It is organized by ARANDA, a well-known industry exhibition association in Brazil (the association also organizes South America’s largest hardware exhibition, electric power exhibition exhibition, plastic products exhibition, machinery exhibition, network technology seminar, data center seminar, solar energy exhibition, wedding supplies exhibition, 3D printing exhibition, etc.). NETCOM organizer ARANDA is the largest professional magazine publisher in the communications technology industry in South America. It regularly holds professional seminars and has a wide range of professional buyer resources and platforms for network communications and new industries. The exhibition invites all well-known industry buyers within the South American communications industry, including: telecommunications, network and IT professionals, system integrators from enterprises (industrial, commercial and service companies) and public administration agencies (federal, state and local administration) , designers and system design consultants, installation and technical service contractors, telecommunications manufacturers, VADs and VARs, ISPs and WISPs, telecommunications companies and their service providers, network telecommunications manufacturers, government purchasers, educational research institutions, etc.

There were more than 250 manufacturers participating in the exhibition in 2015. According to post-exhibition statistics, more than 40% of the exhibitors on site signed product and service contracts or reached intention contracts. More than 70% of the exhibitors stated that they achieved or exceeded their expected exhibition purposes through this exhibition, and stated that We will continue to participate in the next exhibition!

Market background

Brazil is the largest telecommunications market in Latin America and is regarded by global telecommunications operators and terminal hardware suppliers as the best place to enter Latin America. Driven by international events such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil has seen a new round of consumption and investment boom. By then, not only will the deployment of fixed-line and mobile broadband be accelerated, but the demand for smartphones, tablets, various mobile applications and other wireless products will also increase significantly. Although Brazil ranks ninth in the world and first in Latin America in fixed broadband user base, its fixed broadband penetration rate is only slightly higher than the Latin American average and lags behind Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Although Brazil has implemented telecommunications liberalization, broadband prices are lower than most Latin American countries, and Internet speeds are among the best in Latin America, there is still a big gap compared with mature countries and regions around the world. According to ITU (International Telecommunication Union) statistics, the total population of Brazil was 193 million in 2010, and the mobile phone penetration rate exceeded 100%. The total number of mobile phone users currently reaches 203 million, which is much higher than the total population of Brazil. As of the second quarter of 2011, the number of mobile users in Brazil has reached 217.3 million, with a penetration rate of 111.6%. Currently, Huawei and ZTE, which have long-term investments in Brazil, have achieved huge returns. International giants such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, Asus, and NEC also attach great importance to the Brazilian market and regard it as a profit growth point. Therefore, fixed broadband and mobile broadband technologies, as well as the mobile terminal market, are undoubtedly the first decisive points for manufacturers to enter Brazil.


Market characteristics: In terms of communication products, according to Brazilian government regulations, any communication product must first pass the certification of the Brazilian Communications Authority (Anatel). The industry must submit the product to an inspection institute recognized by the Brazilian Communications Authority for testing. After passing the inspection, The institute will issue an inspection certificate, upon which operators can apply to the Brazilian Communications Authority for certification before they can sell their products. After the operator is certified by the Brazilian Communications Authority, it must submit its products to the technical departments of major Brazilian telephone service companies such as Telemar, Brasil Telecom and Telefonica for testing. Only after passing the test and providing a maintenance guarantee can it be included in the qualified supply of the communications company. When major telephone service companies need to purchase, they will notify qualified suppliers to provide quotations. Due to the complicated procedures and the requirement for inspection and certification, this market is not prone to gray markets and is dominated by large-scale clothing suppliers.

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